(Rosary Mat. Hr. sec. School - 2nd, 3rd and 4th September 2011

“Go with me through my life. I’ll walk with you and help you through your life.” This ardent message of Mother Mary was the theme for the three-day- Retreat meant exclusively for the teachers. We live in an age where the information boom of a plethora of fields bombards us from various angles. The internet is an example in point. All information is not really needed. Even children need only tips and a stimulus from the teachers. It is at this point that the message of the Blessed Mother becomes relevant today. But as teachers, we can wisely pray, “Lord speak to the heart of the children.”

The Call of the Mother: Let us see how Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary was called to be the Mother of God. Palestine was then ruled by the dictators of Rome. Several people had migrated for greener pastures. So it was that Mother Mary was born in Egypt as there existed trade relationships between Israel and Egypt.
We see the Mystery of the Annunciation take place in such a unique manner.(Luke 1:28-31) The rarest of rare events when the Holy and Mighty God communicated  to a little girl of barely 14, 15 or 16. When She could not comprehend the depth of the Invaluable message, it was the Holy Spirit who came to Her rescue, anointed and tutored Her to the depth of the Calling.
This is the beauty of the work of  the Holy Spirit. Yes, even our Blessed Mother can be visible, but not the Holy Spirit. We can experience Him through His actions. To get close to Him, it would never suffice to merely know about Him, but it is important to experience Him in our lives.


The Holy Spirit is the best teacher, and He is the patron of all teachers. The Holy Spirit is the Teacher and the leader of all the Nations.

Hegel, the teacher of Karl Marx once said, “ The Holy Spirit is the Leader of the Nations.”
We read in Genesis 1:1-3 that the Holy Spirit hovered over the world, in utter nothingness and void and created the world and all therein. He brought orderliness where there was chaos and confusion. Light and life came into existence when He moved. It is believed that the universe originated about 17. 7 billion years ago. But it is wiser to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit to know the origin of the universe. The work of the Holy Spirit began in total void. So empty yourself of the self and the ego to allow the Holy Spirit to take control.

Our Blessed Mother was One such pliable , docile instrument in whose life the Holy Spirit was everything. Place yourself at His disposal just like the iron rod that loses its identity at a smithy and becomes the fiery red hot rod just like the fire that is used to mould it. Learn to listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit. Be bereft of worldly worries as it may cloud your mind to the fresh breath of the Holy Spirit. Never be like the seeds that fell along the pathway where the birds came and ate it all up or on rocky ground where the Word of God cannot take deep roots. Keep away from the mob mentality. Be yourself. Be free of the crowds and be the best of what you want to be. Take the clues the Holy Spirit grants you in your life and march ahead. Take time to be silent, be simple. Take life easy as a gift of God and all will be well. Pray thus to the Holy Spirit. David( I Samuel 6:1-4) and Isaiah  ( Isaiah 6:1-10)were anointed and made themselves available to the Holy Spirit. We read in Luke 4:18-19 how the Holy Spirit worked in our Lord’s life. Pray to Him to lead and guide us where ever we are, at home or in the work place. In Colossians 1:21-23 St. Paul calls us to a life of purity. Luke 1:36-45 speaks of the Visitation where the Presence of the Lord anoints Prophet John in His Mother’s womb. The Fruit (Jesus ) within the womb of the Blessed Mother anoints the baby ( John ) in the womb of Elizabeth.

The Gospel of Luke is the Gospel of the Holy Spirit. It was through the power of God that a barren woman conceived a child in her old age. She then became a witness to the power of God and was also the first follower of the Blessed Mother.  It was the Holy Spirit who revealed the truth and the greatness of the Mother of God to Elizabeth . “Blessed are you who believed in the fulfillment of God’s Word.” So therefore, empty yourselves and be prepared to fill your lives with the rich treasures of God’s Kingdom. Ask the Holy Spirit  to accompany you always, as this is His greatest gift. Pray with fasting, and pray for one another, more than for self. Be available to one another to listen, for listening brings about healing. Intercessory prayer is Inner healing prayer. The Inner healing is ultimately the forgiveness of our sins and our recognition of the same. The last will of the Lord is the Eucharist. Live everyday with the Eucharist, and live the Eucharist.

Our Lord has been to us like the interceptor missile which defends and also consumes itself to keep us safe. Jesus therefore died that we might live.
The one who loves is the one who gets angry. Anger shown towards God is prayer, like Jesus prayed, “ Lord, Lord, why have You forsaken me?” This is the tremendous faith Jesus invested on the Father.We shall pray that we be freed from 1) Sarcastic words 2) Biting words 3)Regression 4) Sublimation 5) Transference   6)Anger  7) Aggression and all kinds of 8) Phobias.
The God who became Man can ease us of these characteristics that denigrate us human beings..

The fact that God became Man is beyond our logical reasoning and comprehension but it is with the eyes of faith that we embrace this life-giving Truth as part of us.
Remember, to CARRY THE WORD INSIDE always is power. According to the Mother’s Message, even the evil one can be chased away using THE WORD OF GOD. Mother Mary is the first enemy of the evil one, ‘whose head She will crush with Her Heel.’ That Word which the Eve of yore, of the Old Testament disobeyed, the Eve of the New Testament Mother Mary, obeyed, THE WORD. Mother Mary is at The service of THE WORD which became Flesh. John’s Gospel overflows with the Truth , ‘The Word became flesh’ and it is wonderful to realize that THIS WORD IS MY LIFE. We see the deep and intimate relationship  between the Woman (Mary)who believed the Word and the disciple (John) who believed The Word. The role of the Mother was to carry The Word, which is the similar role that we are vested with today and every day.Be a witness to the Love of God, for ‘He loved them and loved them to the end.’ Let us be His ardent disciples to His Love. ’They will know that you are my disciples if you keep the Word and love one another.’ What tremendous show of love even to Peter who betrayed Him . That same love which was shown to Judas as well , His wholesome Love. We here see Jesus at the service of those who were about to betray Him.  To Judas who willingly sold Jesus as a slave for thirty pieces of silver.

The role of the person who carried the Word(Mary) and the role of the person whom Jesus loved ( John) were seen at the foot of the Cross, with one taking on the role of son to shelter Her and the other (Mary) taking on the loving role as the Mother of the entire human race. The Hour of the Lord was the three years when He walked on the earth doing His ministry. The Mother knew It, and instructed the servants. The Mother who is the Teacher of the Lord instructs also the disciples of the Lord. It is therefore fitting that we turn to Her for guidance and support. The Mother who is the most prominent person in the life of Jesus, is always contented to stay behind the scenes. In John 3 to 19, we see that She completely disappears. We have an account of the three Pascal Feasts by Jesus. First year  2. second year 3 Third year where He says, “ The Word became flesh ‘ and this Flesh is my Life. The Body and Blood of Jesus sacrificed everyday following His command, “Do this in memory of me”, is not a mere enactment or a photographic remembrance. But it is the same sacrifice that occurred at Calvary that takes place for us live during every Eucharistic celebration.

From the time of Moses the Israelites remembered the Exodus. And sacrificed a lamb, a year old and the blood was smeared on the door posts and were thus saved.  Here we have John the Baptist announcing, “ Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”, and we are saved of our sins by His Blood. Jesus has promised to stay with us till the end of times, and His covenant is validated immediately after His death and we are the participants of the Covenant in His Blood, the Eucharist. John’s Gospel is filled with accounts of the Woman who allowed Jesus to manifest Himself in 1. The wedding at Cana  2. In the multiplication of the loaves  3. At the Foot of the Cross.“Let your steadfast love come to me, O LORD, your salvation according to your promise. Then I shall have an answer to those who taunt me, for I trust in your word. Do not take the word of truth utterly out of my mouth, for my hope is in your ordinances.” ( Psalm 119: 41-43) John the disciple took the Mother of God to his house ( John 19:27), and we too shall invite Her to our house, to stay with us. The Mother carried The Word nine months in Her womb, as Her own Flesh and Blood and walked with Him the three years He went preaching. John the disciple of the Lord became the student of the Mother. He is over whelmed with respect for Her that He never mentions Her Name. We therefore see that the Mother of the Lord is the teacher of the Lord and of the early Church. Have a close walk, an intimate relationship with Jesus and Mother Mary and be blest.